The world is experiencing an era of great competition at the level of industries and markets, we need to be better at the processes that we carry out every day, and better at the products we sell, and even more at the services we provide to our customers.

To accomplish this, a very important part is to have a qualified staff to serve our customers but also sufficiently encouraged and committed to our organization in order to achieve our goals.

I knew the story of a store that required their employees to learn the price of all products sold in order to register them at the time of sale. Apart from the mistakes and delays that produced this system, employees were getting gradually more bored for not having a system of barcode printers, which could facilitate their jobs. This malaise was reflected in the care they provided to people who came to buy to the business or simply to find out prices.

With the implementation of a system of barcode printers to record each product the work became easier and therefore faster.

The employees that had already memorized all the prices were happy by having this new system of barcode printers. The system facilitated his work and made it less tense. All this was perceived by customers who were leaving the store satisfied for receiving a good attention.

Other people who received benefits from the system of barcode printers were new employees, rather than worrying about learning the prices of all products, they become more concerned for providing better customer service.

This is one more example of how the barcode printers help us enormously to achieve the goals that the competitive market of today requires from us. Competition is the basis of any market and if we don’t improve and find advantages to our products, our competitors could take away our customers.

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