Barcode scanners
are pretty useful devices due to their versatility to provide solutions for many different industries across the world. In fact, the merit of this versatility goes to the invention of barcodes in 1952 by two American men, Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver. However, this invention started to become a standard only in the seventies decade. Around barcodes, several products and several companies started to grow and prosper. It soon appeared barcode label companies as well as manufacturers of barcode scanners. The industry has suffered an exponential increase since that time.

Today, applications for barcode scanners are many. We can find them on retail stores, warehouses, shipment companies, blood banks, libraries, medical centres, automotive companies, etc. As you can see for the number of different industries named, versatility of these pieces of hardware is enormous. Of course some personalization is needed for each kind of application in order to adapt the barcode scanners because not every industry has the same requirements.

Some even need different types of barcode labels due to diverse kind of restrictions. Among these restrictions we may find product or environmental restrictions. All these things must be taken into account when dealing with this technology. This would affect directly the features of the equipments as well as their price. Knowing these facts, manufacturing companies of barcode scanners produce them thinking about the needs of every industry. This helps some companies to focus only on one sector and become leaders in that market. An important issue when we talk about personalization is the software that goes installed in the hardware. This is also pretty different for every industry. This is why there are specialized software companies that produce it for the special models of scanners needed by the industries. Both things need to work together for better results.

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