Barcode readers
are pieces of hardware whose mission is to interpret the information stored in barcode labels. This information is very diverse and can contain product names, prices, brands, models and many other features. The amount of information a label can store will depend on the type of label, but normally it is enough to store unique codes of the products that will later be linked using a software database to obtain more details about them. In this way, applications for barcode readers are almost endless. Nowadays, you see these pieces of hardware in shopping centres, restaurants, drugstores, hospitals, blood banks, manufacturing facilities, shipment companies, supermarkets, well, the list is huge. The important issue is that all these applications use barcode readers to support their processes reducing times and increasing efficiencies. Barcode readers can support several business areas, like logistics, production and sales. A shipment company will use the equipments to support their commerce operations. A car manufacturing company will use readers and labels to identify the items that will compose their final product. Finally, a supermarket will use omni-directional barcode readers to speed up their final sales process. As we can see, there are many applications that involve these useful tools, but we firmly believe we have not seen all the fields where they can be useful yet. In fact, the technology itself is changing and ready to take a major step in supporting even more industries with new applications that will make our lives easier. For example, many companies are experiencing with a new generation of readers, capable of reading the information stored in a special type of barcode labels but with a huge difference when compared with their ancestors: this new generation of readers can do the same job without the need to be close to the label they are trying to read. This is called long distance wireless lecture.

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