Barcode readers have become synonymous with the idea of increasing productivity and therefore barcode readers have become one of the most purchased company tools in today's market. Of course, with increased demand comes increased supply and in the case of barcode readers with increased supply comes innovations for ideas to improve barcode readers and make them better for smaller and more specialized areas of the corporate world. Barcode readers come in two main types nowadays; they are either conventional barcode readers or else they are handheld barcode readers.

Conventional barcode readers are the types of readers that many people know about. For the most part, if you have seen barcode readers being used in a company, chances are good that they were conventional barcode readers. These are larger and often bulkier devices that are just as good functionally as barcode readers as any of the other barcode readers currently being sold on the market. What differentiates them from handheld barcode readers however, is that they are not portable. However, the big trade-off here is that conventional barcode readers are also a lot cheaper than their handheld counterparts and therefore conventional barcode readers should still have a big piece of market share for a long time to come.

There are many people around that have barcode readers of the handheld variety and the thing that they obviously like most about them is the fact that they happen to be handheld. When something is handheld, it is portable completely and therefore the same functionality of a conventional barcode reader can now be transferred to any other part of the company. In many shopping outlets now there are actually portable barcode readers installed for customers to use in order to do price checks on items and that phenomenon is likely to get more prevalent as time goes on. At the moment, there is a significant difference in price, but as mass production of handhelds becomes more productive, that price difference will slowly creep downwards.

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